Get a glimpse of some visual stories out of my life.


It was a freezing cold morning at the beginning of January, the sky was cloudless and the air as crystal clear as it can get. Everything was still asleep as the sun didn’t rise yet. Well…everything except a few slackline addicted nerds from Kiel. They wanted to follow their passion for adventure and adrenalin and decided to try something exotic in northern Germany. Highlining.


Given the fact that mountains and other rock formations you normally need to set up a highline are pretty much non-existent in this region, they had to get creative and use the things nature provides. The search took some time but finally, they found a tiny little canyon shaped by a small creek with trees all around. This little area delivered all the things which were needed. Hight and length.


Setting up the line is always different and depends on the circumstances. One of the only advantages of Highlining in Northern Germany might be that you don’t have to solve the riddle of bringing the line from one anchor point to the other, since there are no mountains or 100 meter deep cliffs around you. We still had loads of fun trying to cross the little creek in the middle.


As the sun started to rise and the beams of light were shining through the trees, the scenery got filled with color. The blueish tones of the sea and the yellowish morning sky created a magical atmosphere in the background. As if the guys would have timed it, the line was set up and ready to conquer.


And there it was, the feeling everybody was looking for. A feeling many people only connect to trips around the world, to unknown places and new adventures. But sometimes, you don’t have to travel far, spent loads of money and be in the rush of traveling all the time. There where numerous situations where I couldn’t believe my own eyes. Suddenly Schleswig-Holstein didn’t look as flat as you see it most of the time.


The day went on and it felt like time was running away. The boys were in their elements and seemed to forget the winter as some of them tried to walk the line barefoot at temperatures around zero degrees. Progress was made and the joy was all around especially as one made it over the line.


The day came to an end as the sun started to hide more and more behind the trees. Later on, when the silence of the night came around, I resumed the day. I would have never thought, that such things would be possible not far from home.

You want more? Check out the moving pictures captured during the day!