Summer is over for now and the cold winds are starting to picking up again which made me reflect on warmer days.


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Getting up early in the morning is quite a hard task for most of us people and I’m no exception. Unless it’s one of those windless mornings in summer. The best contrast to windy and cold autumn days are probably those warm, calm summer mornings. But somehow, summer and autumn have something in common. The silence.

two lands

I’m definitely not talking about hurricane like windy autumn days, more like about foggy or moody days. The only sound you can hear is probably your feet strolling through the leaves on the ground. Nature seems to be asleep at that point. Just like in the morning of some summer days.


The best argument for early worms is, that there’s nobody around in the morning. You’re totally focusing on yourself with no external influence. And surprisingly that might be true. Probably one of the reasons, why the Dalai Lama gets up at 3 am. I mean, doesn't it look like something spiritual out there?


I guess every photographer would be excited to take some photos at that time of the day, the rising sun is giving us those hard shadows, in combination with zero wind you nearly have no reflection of the water surface at all. Another unique situation you can only see in the morning.


Everybody has his own morning thoughts and feelings. The silence and loneliness let you focus on yourself and the upcoming day ahead. The sheer feeling of you being one of the few persons witnessing the sunrise is somehow mysterious but also rewarding, you won’t regret it. Give it a try ;)


Making of "Ferrytale"

This project was different compared to all the others I did in the past and it definitely wasn't easy to manage at all. All of us have been extremely excited from the first idea till the end and it would be a shame to not to show you guys the pictures which didn't get printed...

Trying to get all of the gear together

Trying to get all of the gear together

Ready to go

Even though we were thinking about this trip for quite some time, Foivos his call reached me kind of unexpected. He told me that it'll happen the next day and if I would be ready to go. You guys can probably guess what I answered...I still don't know why we chose that exact day. The wind forecast looked decent but the sun was missing and it started to rain, typical weather for our hometown Kiel.  I left the house with a blue Ikea bag filled with my wetsuit, towel and camera gear. 

Who needs a van if you can walk? 

Who needs a van if you can walk? 

New ideas

People who like to capture moments with their cameras tend to always take more gear with them as they actually need and I'm not that much of a difference. I took a bunch of my audio equipment with me to record the sound of the whole trip, but that idea got quickly washed away by all the rain which came down. The camera had to be covered by a plastic bag and that thing made it hard for me to get clean's nearly impossible to get projects like this one done as you want it to be, but that's just part of the process. It forces you to deal with new situations and improves your creativity in a different way. 

Waiting for the ferry

Waiting for the ferry

Used a tree as a rain cover for all our stuff. Wasn't our best idea. 

Used a tree as a rain cover for all our stuff. Wasn't our best idea. 

As we finally reached the spot called "Kitzeberg", the guys immediately started to rig up their sails. I didn't film or photograph that much of the process, I've seen it countless of times so instead, I decided to look at the location to find a spot where I want to position myself later on with the camera. The decision to not to put on my wetsuit right away was the worst decision I've made on that day. The rain didn't stop so I got totally soaked after a few minutes. Completely wet jeans plus 20 knots of wind results in pretty cold windchill effect. After 20 minutes of trying to get the best angle, wiping my lens, trying to cover my camera from all the rain, I reached the point where I could've died for a hot cup of tea. It seemed like the only way to get warmer was to put on the wetsuit. Which lead to the next struggle...I forgot my wetsuit shoes. Not that much of a problem, I'm used to cold feet, but the ground under the surface was covered with dozens of sharp shells and I wasn't that keen on getting bloody feet. So I put on my sneakers instead and accepted the long way home with soggy shoes. 

The complete trip felt like a tiny expedition even though it would have been a pretty standard trip on a boat if we didn't have windsurf gear and all the rain with us. I think that this project was a decent first windsurf story, from what we've learned a lot. We definitely want more of this and are looking forward to our next trip.