First I was skeptical, followed by a cringed feeling caused by my wallet, which turned into the best purchase I've done till yet. It's not my camera. It's this little guy.


A camera holder, which allows you to attach your camera to your chest. You probably wonder, why I write about a small gadget. The thing that makes this little guy so important for me is the opportunities it creates. Over the last few months I had quite a few adventures and without being able to have my camera always in a place which is easy to reach, I couldn't take that many photos. 

Because my camera is always with me, I decided to start a new Blog category with more recent photos. Photos want to be shared, so I guess this is a really good way to get everything started! 

Unplanned Creativity 

Going outside and breathe some fresh air always reactivates my creativity. Normally we are trying to improve our slacklining, but things can change, especially if you're discovering a new spot in your city. So did we a couple of weeks ago, I was aiming for a few new perspectives and decided to climb up the tree next to us. 


While we had our short "Climbing session" my adrenalin addicted friend Foivos became the idea to jump on to his fixed gear bike, so he could try to balance it on the slackline. I haven't seen any pictures of a bike on a slackline before and tried to capture the action as good as possible. The day totally surprised me with its outcome. Leaving the desk with the expectations of chilled slackline session and returning with pictures of a good friend balancing his bike on a line which is meant to be used with your feet. Diffenatly a success.


I do remember the time when I was a little kid. Hiking didn't amaze me that was boring in my opinion. The happiness of reaching the top of the mountain just didn't full filled me. Well, things changed a little bit, here's why. 



The first hike

I was taking a lot of mountain photos from the valley, but that wasn't enough for me. I knew that if I wanted to take better landscape shots, I needed to go up there, even if I wasn't a huge fan of hiking at that point. One morning, I met my friends in the kitchen downstairs and they looked kind of busy, they told me about their day trip to Garibaldi Lake and invited me to join them. I didn't really have breakfast except for a small bowl of cornflakes, so I grabbed some food, water and my 5D Mk II. 

Step by step

The hike itself wasn't the most interesting one. Trees beside trees and no real landscape views. It took us between 2 or 3 hours to reach the first mountain lake. We weren't completely sure if the Lake in front of us was Garibaldi Lake or not. We weren't  really satisfied with that Lake as well, the glacier we heard about wasn't there and it could've been better for photos. A little bit of disappointment started to come up. One guy remembered that he heard about three different lakes, not just one. New motivation came up as we continued our hike. The second lake appeared a few minutes later. Even more beautiful than the first one. More colored water and a more photogenic landscape. But still not the thing I was hoping for. We were so stoked to reach the third lake and it blew our minds as soon as we got there. The perfect lake on top of a mountain surrounded by glaciers. 

First Mountain Lake

First Mountain Lake

A creek going into the second lake

A creek going into the second lake

First view on to Garibaldi Lake

First view on to Garibaldi Lake


That hike was my first one with a camera and it addicted me. I guess my camera helped a lot. You should diffenetly try it yourself, if you haven't been wandering. The pure nature, good talks with the people around you, challenging your own body and many more things make this activity as awesome as it is.