Get a glimpse of some visual stories out of my life.


Springtime is a spectacular time. Everything gets back to life, there's more trouble in the cities, more people in the parks enjoying the beautiful weather. Since everybody is back home around easter, two friends and I decided to explore the forest a bit more. The end of April is that time of the year where the thimbleweed starts to grow and fills the leafless scenery with color again. 

Beech forests are a very endangered habitat on our earth and a few of the older ones are counting to the UNESCO world heritage sites. It makes me very happy to see this young beech forest starting to grow and develop again. But what totally brought my mood down was this pile of trash dumped between the trees.

It still frustrates me to see so much waste laying around in our ecosystems. Dumped where it's very hard to find. At least, I'm able to share photos of this so more people will see it...

We continued our walk to see if there's more trash. A tiny valley showed up, which looked like a very common place for the animals to get some food. The local hunter set up a tree stand, which was perfect for us to hide while a short shower came down. We even spotted around 10-15 deer a couple of hundred meters away, but there was no chance to get a photo of them with my wide angle (I should have taken a zoom lens with me). 

It's always a new experience to explore the nature around your probably won't recognize how beautifull it is, until you stop living your daily routine and start to discover new places again. Give it a try, it's awesome!